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Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Update

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

How successful has the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse been? Based on the statistics published by the FMCSA, very successful at identifying drug & alcohol violations. The statistics below show the that drug & alcohol policy violators have been prohibited from driving commercially. These prohibitions are working to keep our roads safer.

Queries Conducted

Employers are required to conduct queries when they are hiring CDL drivers and annually for all CDL drivers that they employ. From the date the Clearinghouse began Jan. 6, 2020 until March 1, 2021, over 5.4 million queries have been run.

Violations Reported

Employers or their designated consortia/administrator and medical review officers are required to report violations of the drug and alcohol policies. Since January 6, 2020, a total of 67,712 violations have been reported to the Clearinghouse.

Of those violations, nearly 98% are drug violations, the balance are alcohol violations.

Breakdown of the type of testing for the violations to be reported:

Pre-Employment Testing 51.2%

Random Testing 36.5%

Post-Accident Testing 4.1%

Follow Up Testing 2.2%

Reasonable Suspicion Testing 2.0%

Return to Duty Testing 1.3%

No Testing (actual knowledge reports) 2.7%

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