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Hours of Service &
Log Auditing/Monitoring

Commercial Drivers must adhere to specific regulations for Hours of Service (HOS) which can be confusing and complicated... 

The Department of Transportation limits the amount of time commercial vehicle drivers spend behind the wheel, and requires them to maintain logs to track driving, on-duty and off-duty hours.

Log Books have been the record of choice for years; however, effective December 2017, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule became mandatory for most commercial vehicle drivers - switching those logs from paper to electronic. This means that paper records are no longer sufficient for many drivers, and ELDs must be installed in commercial trucks. These electronic devices connect to the vehicle’s engine, and track how long the truck has been in motion. 

Hours of Service Regulations = Commercial drivers are required by law to take off at least 10 consecutive hours between shifts; and they cannot be on duty for more than 14 consecutive hours and no more than 11 of those hours can be driving.  The federal regulations also stipulate that truckers are limited to driving a total of 60 hours during a seven-day period, or 70 hours in an eight-day period. Truck drivers must then rest for a minimum of 34 consecutive hours prior to starting a new driving period.

WT Fleet Services can assist you with determining the type of logging device that is mandated and help you set up and implement a Log policy to help protect your company. 

We can also assist by auditing your logs - be it monitoring your ELD logs or paper log auditing. 

Paper Log Auditing
Send us your driver logs on a monthly basis and we will audit them.  This will benefit you by providing:

  • A monthly audit of each driver to assure they are in compliance with the DOT regulations

  • A check and balance system to ensure drivers are not falsifying records, e.g. comparing fuel receipts, toll slips, etc. against the logbooks

  • A detailed violations report for each driver

  • A company overview of all violations

  • Recommendations to improve logbook compliance, and assistance in reducing logbook violations

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Monitoring

We connect to your ELD administrator account daily and audit each driver's record.  This benefits you by providing:

  • A check of your drivers daily for accuracy

  • Assisting you and the drivers to make necessary corrections 

  • Provide you with reports of those daily checks and corrections (similar to those listed above) 

  • Recommendations to improve ELD compliance, and assistance/training in reducing violations

WT Fleet Services can assist you with understanding any violations, by explaining which ones are correctable and which ones are not (and educating your drivers on how to correct violations).  We also offer ELD, Hours of Service and Logbook workshops, if needed or desired.

Contact us to learn more about HOS and our Log Auditing & Monitoring Services.

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