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Driver Compliance

Driver Compliance = Pre-Employment Reporting, Establishing Driver Qualification Files and Maintaining Driver Files

Driver Qualification includes all aspects of documenting that your driver is "qualified" to operate a commercial vehicle for you.  The Driver Qualification (DQ) File is the collection of documents, as required by FMCSA Part 391, that shows your diligence in confirming the drivers fitness to be on the road with your DOT number on the truck.   

WT Fleet Services can provide you with DOT appropriate Pre-Employment Reports:

  • Motor Vehicle Record Report (MVR)

  • FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Report

  • Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Query

  • Background Screening Report

  • CDLIS Report

  • Past Employment Verification Screening

Contact us if you need pre-employment screening help.

WT Fleet Services will also provide personalized forms that are needed for your drivers to complete - authorizations to run reports and driver applications.   We can provide paper forms, a digital version and even the option to complete the forms online.  

These forms are sent to us, along with a copy of their CDL and medical card for processing. 

We will:

  • Run the appropriate pre-employment reports (MVR, Clearinghouse, PSP, etc)

  • Audit the file to ensure everything is filled out completely and correctly

  • Perform previous employment verification as required by the FMCSA

  • Compile all the needed pages to create the Driver Qualification File

  • Return the completed DQ File to you, the client, and/or keep it for you on our server. 


The complete DQ file will be kept in digital form on our secure server.  It can also be returned to you to keep at your office, if desired. 


We also track expiration dates for the items in the file which expire and will notify you 3-4 weeks prior to expiration, to help you keep those items updated.

Please contact us for more information or to help you with Driver Compliance.

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