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Account Management

Would you like a transportation expert to handle all of your Fleet Management? 

Our experts have industry knowledge and practical experience with Fleet and Account Management – from fleet planning to compliance to accounts receivable - that delivers the most effective total cost of ownership. Our Fleet Manager leads a team of professionals that can execute the day-to-day details - including licensing, titles, tax, registration, permitting and even payroll. 

Your Account Manager will meet with and get to know you.  They will develop a deep understanding of your business, your fleet and the resources needed to keep you up and running.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a single contact who knows your business and the industry inside and out to maximize efficiency and cost savings?

WT Fleet Services has the expertise to guide you through the regulations, help you stay compliant and keep you and your drivers safe on the roads.   

If you are looking for a complete fleet management solution, let WT Fleet take care of it all.  We will get you started and/or get you into compliance. Then we can manage it all and you can do the driving. From driver compliance to permits to plates to the day-to-day load confirmations - we'll handle it for you.

Learn how WT Fleet Services can manage all aspects of your trucking company for you.

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