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IFTA & Fuel Taxes

IFTA = International Fuel Tax Agreement  

This is an agreement made to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one state.  A motor carrier with IFTA receives an IFTA license and decals for each qualifying vehicle it operates.
The carrier with an IFTA license must file a quarterly fuel tax report.  This report is used to determine the net tax or refund due and to redistribute taxes from collecting states to states that it is due (based on the carrier's miles traveled and fuel purchased).

Three states - Kentucky, New Mexico, and New York - have "weight-mile" taxes in addition to the standard fuel tax.  Oregon has just a weight-mile tax. 


IFTA Quarterly Fuel Taxes

Send us all trip sheets and fuel receipts on a monthly basis.  We will use them to calculate total miles traveled and fuel purchased in each state.  At the end of the quarter when you receive your tax forms, simply send them to us.  We will fill them out and send them back to you.  All you need to do is review and sign the forms, submit payment and mail them off.
Our Fuel Tax Reporting Service includes:
•    IFTA
•    KYU WDT (Weight Distance Tax)
•    NM WDT (Weight Distance Tax)
•    NY HUT (Hwy Use Tax)
•    OR Mileage Tax

Do you have more than one truck?  Whether it's 2 or 200, we can provide a report for each truck, clearly showing their portion of the quarterly fuel taxes. This is an excellent tool to show owner/operators how much they owe. 

Contact us for help with this.

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