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How long do you keep your files?

FMCSA has guidelines for record retention - they vary depending on the type of record.

Driver Information - DQ Files (including all pre-employment screening - drug, MVR, Clearinghouse, etc.) should be kept for 3 years from date of termination. All medical certifications, motor vehicle reports, certificates of violation should also be kept for 3 years.

Drug & Alcohol Records - records of violations, referrals, annual summaries, collection records should all be kept for 5 years. Records of training/testing/education after personnel have ceased performing functions needing that training should be kept for 2 years. Records of negative and/or cancelled test results should be kept at least 1 year.

Inspection & Maintenance Records - Inspection and repair records should be kept for at least 18 months (even after the vehicle is no longer in carrier's control). Driver inspection reports should be kept for 3 months. Periodic inspection reports should be kept for 14 months. Inspection qualification certificates and brake inspector qualification reports should be kept indefinitely.

Other Records - Records of duty status and supporting documents should be kept for 6 months from date of receipt. Accident register and related files should be kept for 3 years.

If you have ANY questions about how long to keep your files, contact us today. WT Fleet can give you the answers you need.


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