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FMCSA Warning - Fake Safety Audit Phishing Scam

The FMCSA has issued a high alert warning for email phishing scam regarding Safety Audits.

An email is being sent to registered entities by someone pretending to be FMCSA and notifying motor carriers of the need to schedule a safety audit. The link to request the safety audit has what appears to be a SAFER URL and mirrors FMCSA's MCS-150, but includes fields to enter a PIN#, EIN# and Social Security Number.

The email containing the link is also very convincing this is coming from FMCSA. Submitting this information not only will give out personal information but it will also allow the

unauthorized party to gain access to the motor carriers FMCSA account.

Communications relating to safety audit will typically come directly from an FMCSA dedicated mailbox, or from the entity within the State that has been assigned the responsibility to conduct the safety audit. while these emails typically end in a ".gov", the FMCSA is encouraging motor carriers to verify any email or communication they feel may be suspicious with the appropriate agency.

Motor Carriers may contact the FMCSA directly at 1-800-832-5660.

If you have any questions about this alert or emails you may have received you can give WT Fleet Services a call and we can review the documents you have received.


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